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The Complete Guide to Buying a Business

  • Edition : 4th ed., 2015
  • Author(s) : Steingold
    • ISBN: 9781413321746
    • SKU: 92129
    • Condition: New
    • Format: Paperback


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The clear-cut information and forms you need to buy a business! If you're ready to acquire a business, make sure you protect your interests and get the best deal possible with The Complete Guide to Buying a Business. It shows you how to:

Find the right business;
Analyze the seller's numbers;
Make sense of the tax issues;
Negotiate a payment plan;
Prepare and sign a sales agreement;
Close the deal;
Protect yourself from existing liabilities;
Prevent the seller from competing against you;
Work with lawyers, accountants and brokers.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Business provides a CD-ROM that helps you create more than two dozen crucial legal documents, including:

The sales agreement;
Confidentiality letter;
Promissory notes and security agreements;
Noncompete and consulting agreements;
Closing checklists.

Every document is accompanied by thorough, plain-English instructions.

List of Forms include:

IRS 8594, Asset Acquisition Statement and Instructions;
UCC Financial Statement and Addendum;
Confidentiality Letter;
Attachment to Sales Agreement;
Amendment of Sales Agreement;
Promissory Note;
Security Agreement for Asset Sale;
Security Agreement for Entity Sale;
Escrow Agreement for Stock Certificates;
Escrow Agreement for LLC Transfer Certificates;
Bill of Sale for Business Assets;
Statement Regarding Absence of Creditors;
Assignment of Lease;
Assignment of Contracts;
Consent to Assignment of Contract;
Assignment of Intellectual Property;
Directors' Consent to the Corporation's Purchase of a Business;
Shareholders' Consent to the Corporation's Purchase of a Business;
LLC Members' Consent to the Company's Purchase of a Business;
Partners' Consent to the Partnership's Purchase of a Business;
Covenant Not to Compete;
Independent Contractor Agreement;
Closing Checklist for an Asset Sale;
Closing Checklist for an Entity Sale;
Asset Sale Agreement;
Entity Sale Agreement.