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Law In A Flash Flashcards: Multistate Bar Exam Review Set

  • Author(s) : Emanuel
    • ISBN: 9781565425903
    • SKU: 30057
    • Condition: New
    • Format: Flashcards


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Law In A Flash: Multistate Bar Exam Review Set is a top study aid for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). If you're taking the MBE, you've got a mind-boggling amount of work to do. You have to learn between thirteen and thirty-one state-specific subjects, well enough to answer random questions about them. On top of that, you've got to know the MBE subjects in excruciating detail. But now you've got help: the Law In A Flash: Multistate Bar Exam Review Set.This set of specialized law school flashcards will teach you everything you need to excel on the MBE. The program utilizes modern learning techniques that make learning, memorization and application fast, easy, and far more effective than traditional review materials.

There's a reason why we can barely keep this product on our warehouse shelves: because law students have come to realize that if you use Law In A Flash flashcards, legal principles and issues cement themselves in your mind forever, and when you read an exam question, these principles and issues will jump off the page and you'll be off and running.

Each Law In A Flash title gives you from 350 to 650 cards. You start with basic black letter principles, then progress to short, interesting hypotheticals that perfect your ability to apply theory to facts -- the single skill that distinguishes top law students from the rest of the pack!. As you study further, you'll be building on your knowledge one simple step at a time, so you'll reinforce what you know, and learn what you don't.

Whether you want to get a head start on your studies, your bar review course is already underway, or you aren't taking a bar review course at all, you'll find that the Law In A Flash Multistate Review Set is the best way to guarantee you'll pass the MBE.

This 8-box set includes:

Constitutional Law

Federal Jurisdiction;
Congressional Powers;
Presidential Powers;
Separation of Powers;
Intergovernmental Immunities;
Retroactive Legislation;
Eminent Domain;
Limitations on State Power;
Individual Rights;
First Amendment Freedoms:
Emanuel's Exam Tips


General Principles;
Parol Evidence Rule;
Modification, Accord & Satisfaction;
Performance & Discharge;
Contracts Implied in Law;
Third-Party Interests;
And much more!

Criminal Law

General Principles;
Act and Intent;
Accomplice Liability;
Inchoate Crimes;
Crimes Against the Person;
Crimes Against Property;
And much more!

Criminal Procedure

General Principles;
Exclusionary Rule;
Searches & Seizures;
Arrest & Probable Cause;
Interrogations & Confessions;
Pretrial Procedures;
Guilty Pleas & Plea Bargaining;
Trial Rights;
Sentencing & Punishment;
Habeas Corpus;
Double Jeopardy;
And much more!


Real Evidence;
Documentary Evidence;
Opinion Evidence;
Confrontation Clause;
Judicial Notice;
Judge and Jury;
And much more!

Real Property

Adverse Possession;
Landlord/Tenant Law;
Concurrent Ownership;
Rights of Possessor;
Easements, Profits, and Licenses;
Covenants and Equitable Servitudes;
Zoning and Eminent Domain;
And much more!


Intentional Torts;
Landowner Liability;
Vicarious Liability;
Joint and Several Liability;
Wrongful Death;
Strict Liability;
Product Liability;
Invasion of Privacy;
And much more!

Future Interests

Estates in Land/Future Interests;
Interests in the Transferor/ Transferee;
Defeasible Fees;
Rule in Shelley’s Case;
Doctrine of Merger;
Doctrine of Worthier Title;
Rules of Construction;
Rule Against Perpetuities;
Class Gifts;
Restraints on Alienation;
Powers of Appointment;
And much more!

The Strategies & Tactics for the MBE book!