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Constitutional Law

  • Edition : 5th ed., 2008
  • Author(s) : Redlich, Attanasio, Goldstein
    • ISBN: 9781422417386
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    • Format: Hardcover


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    • ISBN: 9781422472446
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Students who study constitutional law from this Constitutional Law textbook will gain much insight into the thought processes of Supreme Court Justices. This insight, in turn, enables students to more fully appreciate the current state of constitutional law and to anticipate the future direction of the Court in key areas. The authors accomplish this in part by less editing of the excerpted cases. Thus, students witness the evolution of constitutional principles through the justices' own words. Lighter editing, and the inclusion of dissenting and concurring opinions, allows the reader to follow the logical steps of the Court's analysis.

Following an introductory chapter on the structure of the federal court system and judicial power, this traditional casebook thoroughly covers federalism, separation of powers, and individual rights.

Table of Contents includes:
Judicial Review: Establishment And Operation;
Congressional Powers;
Limits On National Power Over The States;
Federalism And State Regulatory Power;
The Presidency And Separation Of Powers;
Congressional Protection Of Civil Rights;
Liberty And Property Rights In The Due Process, Taking, And Contract Clauses;
Racial Equality;
Equal Rights For The Sexes;
Affirmative Action;
Equal Protection For Other Groups And Interests;
Political Speech And Association;
Government And The Media: Print And Electronic;
Speech In Public Places;
Special Doctrines In The System Of Freedom Of Expression;
Religious Freedom.