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Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why

  • Edition : 2nd ed., 2014
  • Author(s) : Weaver, Hancock, et al.
    • ISBN: 9781454810988
    • SKU: 10094
    • Condition: New
    • Format: Paperback


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    • ISBN: 9781454810988
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    • Format: VitalSource eBook/ePub


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A concise, rich study guide, Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why emphasizes the essential components of the law — how they fit together and why — to give your students the help that some of them will need to benefit from their casebook reading and classroom experience.

A powerful study guide with the full panoply of pedagogical tools:

Clear explanations of key terms, concepts, relationships, and processes
A consistent focus on what matters and why — through introductions and summaries
A rich and dynamic pedagogy that includes:
overviews — what is important in this chapter to an understanding of constitutional law
key terms — highlighted and defined in context
cross-references to key terms
clear signposting — generous use of heading levels and visual aids
FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions addressing matters of ambiguity
Sidebars — containing study tips, hypos, cites to authorities, and marginalia
graphics — charts, graphs, figures, and art
connections — a concluding section at the end of every chapter that connects the material covered to other chapters in the book, the field at large, and legal practice.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Federal Government

Chapter 1. Judicial Review
Chapter 2. National Legislative Power
Chapter 3. Federal Executive Powers

Part II : The States (and Their Relationship to the Federal Government)

Chapter 4. State Power to Regulate Commerce
Chapter 5. Intergovernmental Immunities

Part III: Individual Rights

Chapter 6. Procedural Due Process
Chapter 7. Substantive Protection of Economic Rights
Chapter 8. Substantive Due Process: Fundamental Rights
Chapter 9. Equal Protection
Chapter 10. Freedom of Expression
Chapter 11. The Establishment Clause
Chapter 12. The Free Exercise Clause
Chapter 13. The Second Amendment
Chapter 14. State Action.