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Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why

  • Edition : 2nd ed., 2012
  • Author(s) : Bogart, Makdisi
    • ISBN: 9781454810964
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    • Format: Paperback


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A concise and student-friendly study guide, Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why emphasizes the essential components of Property Law, how they fit together, and why. Explicit pedagogical features include graphics, Sidebars, and Frequently Asked Questions, among others, to guide comprehension and reinforce learning.

Along with an attractive two-color page design, Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why features:

Basic coverage of the main themes of Property Law—what matters and why

A variety of pedagogical elements that enhance learning and facilitate use:
Overviews that briefly introduce and position the topic of each chapter within the context of the course, to convey to students what the topic is about and why it matters
FAQs, or frequently asked questions, with straightforward answers that address common mistakes and misconceptions
Sidebars that serve different purposes, such as explaining terminology, offering additional insights, providing study tips or practice pointers
Charts and other visual aids that illustrate concepts Key terms are highlighted and defined in the text
Chapter Summaries, a list of key points to remind students of the essentials
Connections, brief sections at the end of each chapter, that connect the material just covered to topics in other chapters and in chapters to follow—showing students the interconnected structure of the law’s framework

A clear and informal writing style from the authors of the popular workbook, Estates in Land and Future Interests, which clearly lays out an intricate area of Property Law

Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why complements the coverage in the best-selling casebook, Property, by Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander, and Schill, and provides multiple platforms for testing and reinforcing student understanding and retention.

Table of Contents includes:

Chapter 1. Property: Definition and Possession
Chapter 2. Estates and Future Interests
Chapter 3. Concurrent Ownership
Chapter 4. Marital Interests and Community Property
Chapter 5. Landlord — Tenant Law
Chapter 6. The Real Property Purchase and Sale Transaction
Chapter 7. The Real Property Loan Transaction
Chapter 8. Protections
Chapter 9. Easement, Covenants, and Servitudes
Chapter 10. Land Use Controls