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Inside Sales and Leases: What Matters and Why

  • Edition : 1st ed., 2008
  • Author(s) : Hull
    • ISBN: 9780735569966
    • SKU: 10092
    • Condition: New
    • Format: Paperback


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    • ISBN: 9780735569966
    • SKU: 10092U
    • Condition: Used
    • Format: Paperback


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Inside Sales and Leases: What Matters and Why, part of Aspen’s Inside Series, offers students a concise, student-friendly study aid that emphasizes the essential components of sales and lease law, how they fit together, and why. Exceptionally student-friendly, the series format includes ample author-written illustrative material, along with signposting and key features such as the FAQs, Sidebars, Chapter Summaries, and Connections, that help guide students and provide multiple opportunities for self-testing.

Students will find this clear, concise paperback invaluable when studying the law governing sales and leases, including the UCC and CISG. It:

covers the important topics included in most casebooks: domestic sales, international sales, leases and licenses, discussion of letters of credit, document of title, and obligations of carrier goods;
solidifies students’ understanding of the fundamentals of the course without oversimplifying them;
helps students become more engaged in the material by using clear explanations and simple charts that demystify the sometimes complex statutes that govern sales of goods transactions;
discusses and straightens out misconceptions, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of class discussions and readings.

Overview: Each chapter starts with a brief introduction that positions the current topic within the course, so that students understand both what the topic is about and why it matters.

Key Terms:Essential terminology is highlighted and defined at first use so that students can test their understanding.

FAQs: Students’ frequently asked questions are spelled out and given straightforward answers to clear up the most common mistakes and misconceptions.

Sidebars: These boxes explain terminology, provide study tips or practice pointers, and offer additional insights.

Graphics: Charts, photos, cartoons, and other visual material illustrate concepts, replicating the use of Blackboard, PowerPoint, and other visual aids employed by effective law teachers in the classroom.

Connections: Each chapter ends with a brief section that connects the material to other chapters, encouraging students to consider “Where have I been, and where am I going now?”

This comprehensive, to-the-point, student-friendly paperback, will be an invaluable aid to any student studying sales and lease law.

Table of contents includes:
Is the Transaction a Sale of Goods Transaction?
Contract Formation;
Terms of the Contract—Warranties;
Other Contract Terms, Interpretation, and Unconscionability;
Performance, Breach, and Excuse;
Buyer’s Remedies;
Seller’s Remedies;
Third Parties Involved in the Sales Transaction;
Leases of Goods.