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Mediation: Practice, Policy, and Ethics (w/ Connected eBook)

  • Edition : 3rd ed., 2020
  • Author(s) : Menkel-Meadow, Love, Schneider
    • ISBN: 9781454877561
    • SKU: 93356
    • Condition: New
    • Format: Paperback


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    List Price: $205.00

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Mediation: Practice, Policy, and Ethics provides a comprehensive and current introduction to the world of mediation, including an overview of conflict, perspectives on justice, and dispute resolution processes to handle disputes in a variety of contexts.  The book has chapters on negotiation theory and practice, as well as law and policy, case examples, and practice guidelines for mediators and attorney representatives. Leading scholars and award-winning teachers in the field present descriptions of the various forms mediation takes and mediation’s place in the panoply of dispute resolution processes.  Both critiques of mediation and descriptions of its promise and potential are included. Chapters on advising clients on process choice, dispute process design, international and complex mediation, facilitation, and hybrid processes are also offered.  The practical, problem-solving approach includes both analytical and behavioral approaches in varying gender, race, and cultural contexts. The text can be used for lawyer-mediators, lawyer-representatives in mediation, and non-lawyer mediators.