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Sum & Substance Audio: Torts

  • Edition : 5th ed., 2019
  • Author(s) : Levine
    • ISBN: 9781683288480
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    • Condition: New
    • Format: Audio-CD


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Download 8.3 hours of lecture by Professor Finz in mp3 format and study Torts anytime, anywhere. With SUM + SUBSTANCE you get dynamic lectures from gifted law professors whose years of teaching experience enable them to express even the most complex ideas clearly and succinctly.

Overview of Major Topics Covered:
Introduction; Fountains From Which Issues Spring; Intent; Intentional Invasions of Person/Property; Essential Elements; Battery; The Art of Argument; Pinch Hypothetical; Transferred Intent; Assault; False Imprisonment; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Defense of Self, Others, Property; Arguing About What Is Reasonable; Recapture of Chattel; Trespass; Necessity; Consent; Introduction to Negligence; Duty of Reasonable Care; Foreseeable Risk; Foreseeable Plaintiff; Rescuers; Affirmative Conduct; Special Relationship; Landholders; Breach; The Reasonable Person; Professional Malpractice; Exceptions to the Requirement of Expert Testimony; Violation of Statute; Presumptions; Res Ipsa Loquitur; Negligence as a Tort; Introduction to Proximate Cause; Factual Cause; Legal Cause; Intervening Causes; Typical Proximate Cause Fact Patterns; Joint Tortfeasors; Aggravated Negligence; Damage; Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress; Death; Birth; Damages; Introduction to Strict Liability; Animals; Storage of Dangerous Substances; Ultrahazardous/Abnormally Dangerous Activities; Contributory/Comparative Negligence; Assumption of the Risk; Vicarious Liability; Business Torts-Misrepresentation; Interference with Contract/Prospective Business Advantage; Nuisance; Malicious Prosecution; Abuse of Process; Products Liability; Defamation; Injurious Falsehood; False Light; Privacy Invasions; Conclusion

7 Audio CDs, covering 8.3 hours.