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Tort Law: The Essentials

  • Edition : 1st ed., 2008
  • Author(s) : Geistfeld
    • ISBN: 9780735568280
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    • Condition: New
    • Format: Paperback


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    • ISBN: 9780735568280
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    • ISBN: 9780735568280
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Tort Law: The Essentials is part of Aspen’s new Essentials Series, which takes a “forest rather than the trees” approach by first exposing students to the subject as a whole before delving deeply into individual legal rules. This insightful paperback concentrates on the fundamentals and uses an informal, personal style to explain the essential concepts and doctrines of tort law. Suitable for use with any casebook, this resource will help students recognize and understand how common themes enhance their ability to comprehend doctrinal issues.

Written by Mark Geistfeld, a nationally known and respected authority in torts and products liability, this exceptional text:

explains the historical development of tort law, showing students how the law has evolved and why it has become so politicized
develops the important concepts, giving students the analytical tools they need to grasp the fundamental aspects of tort law
presents the essential doctrines, including intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, and damages in a clear, to-the-point manner that eliminates the need for students to seek out the black-letter rules from commercial outlines.

Table of Contents includes:

Part I. Conceptual Overview
Chapter 1. The Historical Development of Tort Law
Chapter 2. Function and Principle
Chapter 3. The Fundamental Choice: Negligence or Strict Liability?
Chapter 4. Prominent Rationales for Tort Liability
Chapter 5. Compensation as a Unified Rationale for Tort Liability
Chapter 6. The Social Construction of Tort Law

Part II. Doctrinal Analysis
Chapter 7. The Intentional Torts
Chapter 8. Negligence Liability
Chapter 9. Causation
Chapter 10. Multiple Tortfeasors
Chapter 11. Defenses Based on the Plaintiff’s Conduct
Chapter 12. Strict Liability for Abnormally Dangerous Activities
Chapter 13. Strict Products Liability
Chapter 14. Damages
Chapter 15. Beyond Tort Law